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Fluffernutter Oreo Moon Pies

17 Dec

Fluffernutter Oreo Moon Pies | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
Bam. That just happened.

Oreo. Peanut butter. Marshmallow. Covered in chocolate.

I barely know what a moon pie is. I think they’re  a southern thing because I first saw them in gas stations on road trips below the Mason-Dixon line. It’s basically marshmallow sandwiched between two cookies and dipped in chocolate. I think this is called a moon pie because it’s so flippin good you fly right past cloud nine to the moon when you eat them.

Oh, and because moon pie sounds better than moon cookie. Continue reading

Happy Anniversary Giveaway – Closed

31 Oct

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Eric who has some Almond Joy type bakery headed his way!

Adventures of a Hungry Redhead is officially a month old! Thank you for your comments, tweets and facebook love. But I want more, more, more! So I’m going to bribe you celebrate by offering home baked hungry redhead goodies delivered to your door! Here’s how it works:

Halloween Candy

Today is Halloween. I want to know what your favorite Halloween candy is. Answer by commenting on this post. One commenter, chosen at random, will receive a batch of baked treats made with or inspired by your favorite Halloween candy. If you retweet my new post that will go up this afternoon (and it will be a doozie!), it counts as a second entry. (Are you following @1hungryredhead on Twitter?) You must comment or tweet  before midnight (ET) tonight to be entered. Sorry family, you’re ineligible because you get free baked goods all the time.

And yes, this is all a grand scheme for an excuse to buy mass quantities of Halloween candy when it goes on sale. You saw right through me lover. But you can’t feel used because you win baked goods.

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