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Ode to the Egg

21 May

So I fell off the map again for two weeks – what you want to do about it? It’s a blog, not a job. I went on vacation. Sort of.

I was playing with Porsches.

CORE autosport Porsche

I was gazing at beaches.

Monterey California

I was eating peanut butter and jelly cupcakes.

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Brussels Sprouts Salad

27 Nov

Brussels Sprouts Salad | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
The detox continues with more green vegetables and today I choose brussels sprouts. I think brussels sprouts get a bad wrap. They have the stigma of the vegetable you feared your parents making you eat, or worse still, a vegetable so bad your own parents wouldn’t dream of forcing it on their children. People seem to think brussels sprouts belong in the same food group as buttermilk, radishes, pickled eggs and liverwurst — a.k.a. food only people who lived through the depression eat. This is only true if you chose to boil and overcook your brussels sprouts without any seasoning, thus leaving your kitchen smelling like senior housing.

Brussels sprouts get a bad wrap because they’re generally not cooked right. First of all, never, ever, ever, ever get the frozen ones, even if they say they come in a butter sauce. No amount of frozen butter is going to make that taste good – get fresh ones.

Second, don’t boil or steam them. Something that already smells funny  is made worse by being soggy and squishy.

You know what we do to vegetables to make them taste right? I already told you yesterday : we fry them! The moment I had brussels sprouts with a crisp brown char to them was the moment the mystery was unlocked. From that point forward I could eat bowls of brussels sprouts on their own (usually with a little bacon for good measure).

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