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Taste of Atlanta 2013

28 Oct

I think most blogs have some sort of celebration for their one-year “blogiversary.” I, however, totally missed the milestone. It only occurred to me because of two things: Petit Le Mans came and went (more on that in tomorrow’s Tuesdaygram) and I attended Taste of Atlanta last weekend, which I recall blogging about last year.

I made my third trip to the annual food festival with my trusty Taste of Atlanta partner in crime Leiza and brought rookie Melissa along for the ride.

Leiza and I are now pros at Taste of Atlanta. Here are the rules we’ve established to a successful Taste of Atlanta experience: get there early when parking is plentiful and supplies are high, bring your own bottle of water, make a recon lap to find your favorites and any freebies, don’t bother with chain restaurants, always take portion size in to consideration when making your picks, don’t buy more tickets (you’re full, you just don’t know it yet). Continue reading

And then there was France

2 Jul

Yeah, so I did that thing again where I bailed on the blog for a month. I think I had a really good excuse though: I was in France.

Technically, I was there to work. I was hosting a web TV broadcast of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. ‘What is the 24 Hours of Le Mans?’ you might ask. Well, it’s sort of the biggest race in the world; 56 cars, 168 drivers, for 24 hours around an 8.5-mile track. And the “track” is made up of public roads. Sweet huh? Check out these crazy machines…

That was at scrutineering (a.k.a. tech inspection), which they do in the middle of town. Here was the start…

IMG_1409 Continue reading

Ode to the Egg

21 May

So I fell off the map again for two weeks – what you want to do about it? It’s a blog, not a job. I went on vacation. Sort of.

I was playing with Porsches.

CORE autosport Porsche

I was gazing at beaches.

Monterey California

I was eating peanut butter and jelly cupcakes.

Suzie Cakes | PB&J Cupcake Continue reading

How NOT To Blog About a Food Festival

20 Feb

Taste of Athens | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
I am obviously still a food blogger rookie. I went to Taste of Athens on Sunday (Athens is where the University of Georgia is, about an hour outside of Atlanta) and I bombed. As this was a food festival where you simply bought a ticket, entered the banquet hall, and sampled until your heart’s content, I figured I’d just do what I do naturally: eat everything in sight. I was wrong. Here is how NOT to blog about a food festival: Continue reading

San Francisco Treat Pt. 2

12 Nov

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts from Elite Cafe | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
Continuing onward after logging 13.1 miles, Al picked a great place for our post-race brunch: Elite Café. I had the Cajun Style Braised Beef Hash with Poached Eggs and even though the eggs were overcooked, the hash made up for it as did the cinnamon sugar donuts we ordered as our brunchatizer. I just made that up. Is that catchy? We had mini biscuits with strawberry butter too. Wait, are you lost? Did you miss Part 1?

Continue reading

A San Francisco Treat Pt. 1

11 Nov

Erin & Al at U.S. Half Marathon | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
A week ago today I was running 13.1 miles along San Francisco Bay, over the Golden Gate Bridge and to Fisherman’s Wharf. I didn’t run as fast as I normally would, but the whole thing went by a lot faster than I remember other half marathons going because I had my friend Al at my side.

Continue reading

Best Thing I Ever Ate

2 Nov

Golden Gate Bridge
Today I head to San Francisco to run in the U.S. Half Marathon with my lovely friend Al. It’s a good thing I’m going to be running 13.1 miles because San Fran happens to be my favorite food city. This means I get to carb load on Saturday night (likely more than I really need to) and have a celebratory meal after burning 1300 calories. That is, if I don’t blow it all at the post-race party. Have you ever noticed how much bad food is at those things? Oh wait.. I should stop running in races that advertise “chocolate and champagne” or “free frozen yogurt” at the finish if that really bothered me.

This seems like a good time to tell you about the best thing I’ve ever eaten, because it occurred earlier this year in San Francisco, the day after my last half marathon.  Now, it’s hard to claim something as “the best” I’ve ever eaten, because I like to categorize things: best cake, best pasta, best pancakes, best ribs etc. But as I love dessert over all other foods, this would probably trump any of my other favorites if you waved them in front of my face (and why are you waving food in my face anyway? It’s going to spill. Or get in my eye). Continue reading

Taste of Atlanta

8 Oct

Crowd at Taste of Atlanta 2012
You know what’s nice about living in the ninth largest city in the U.S.? They have FOOD FESTIVALS!! I went to Taste of Atlanta last year and was in foodie heaven. The 2012 installment has been on my calendar since the date was announced. For $25 you get 10 coupons with which you can purchase tastes of food items from nearly 80 restaurants in Atlanta. Each food stand has one to three items ranging in cost from one coupon to three coupons. While you can buy more food tickets, it’s still important to make your choices wisely; don’t just get drawn in by the name, the smell or the glob of BBQ sauce on that dude’s beard, make sure you weigh whether the portion size is worth the coupon count as well. Continue reading

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