How NOT To Blog About a Food Festival

20 Feb

Taste of Athens | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
I am obviously still a food blogger rookie. I went to Taste of Athens on Sunday (Athens is where the University of Georgia is, about an hour outside of Atlanta) and I bombed. As this was a food festival where you simply bought a ticket, entered the banquet hall, and sampled until your heart’s content, I figured I’d just do what I do naturally: eat everything in sight. I was wrong. Here is how NOT to blog about a food festival:

DON’T fill a plate with everything from the first bakery you see.

Taste of Athens baked goods | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead

None of this was any good.

DON’T grab more than you can handle.

Full Plate

Torture! Can’t eat Butterfinger gelato without tipping beer! Doh! spilled salsa in my gelato!

DON’T attempt to take pictures on the carpet. Guess what? There’s tables out there in the hall. Take yer friggin’ time and do it right!

The Georgia Club

She-crab Shooter and Apple/Brussel Sprouts/Goat Cheese/Walnut Salad from The Georgia Club

DON’T assume bowls that have leafy greens peeking out are a salad.

The Capitol Room

Because this is in fact braised short rib over mashed potatoes from The Capital Room

DON’T get glutinous with the cupcakes… because there will be 7500 different cupcakes.

Cupcake Crazy | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead

That would be a Sugar Cookie cupcake, a yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting, a triple chocolate cupcake and a chocolate cake ball from Silver Lining Cupcake Co. The Sugar Cookie cupcake was the best in case you were wondering.

DON’T eat so much that you can’t go back for more pizza.

Your Pie at Taste of Athens

Pretty much anything from Your Pie is gonna be good – including the gluten-free, vegan pizza.

But you know what you should do?

EAT gnocchi from Dolce Vita.
Dolce Vita Gnocchi

EAT pork belly on a polenta cracker from Heirloom Cafe.
Heirloom Cafe

EAT vegan grasshopper cake from The Grit.
Vegan Grasshopper Cake from The Grit

EAT filet sliders from Porterhouse Grill.
Filet Slider from Porterhouse Grill

EAT anything from VIVA! Argentina, especially the cookies and cream cupcake (not pictured because it went in my stomach too fast).
Viva Argentina at Taste of Athens

And guess what? That was only me getting through HALF of the banquet hall because I had so thoroughly stuffed myself and wanted to curl into a ball and die. How did that poem go? Food, food everywhere, a nary an intestine to stuff it in? I’m sorry I let you down food blogosphere. Next time, I will go in with a plan and discipline, because I am for sure going back to Taste of Athens next year.

One Response to “How NOT To Blog About a Food Festival”

  1. Jessica Christie May 29, 2013 at 1:18 pm #

    ha ha I love it! Now if I could just find me one of these food festivals I’ll know just what to do and what not to do. Looks fun and VERY YUMMY!!!

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