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23 Jul

CORE autosport Tattoo
So you know how I always have this excuse for falling off the face of the earth and not blogging… I call it “work.” While hanging my head in shame that I didn’t get a blog post up yesterday, it occurred to me that maybe my “work” is interesting enough to blog about. It’s interesting enough for a crapton of Instagramming! I keep putting “work” in quotes because… can working in car racing really be work? Traveling to a different race track each weekend, your desk is pit lane, surrounded by fast and gorgeous race cars, preparing for a live TV broadcast… Well, yeah, it’s a lot of work.

The days start with a 6:30 AM departure from the hotel and, if you’re lucky (and it’s not race day), you’ll leave the track around 7:30 PM. Each day is like running a marathon, whilst juggling; you have to keep each driver on task with their list of interviews and fan appearances for the day (often there is more than one thing happening at a time). FYI, race car drivers are like squirrels; they are quick and nimble, distracted by shiny things, and quick to escape when you need them. All day you have to remember to update your social media feeds with what’s going on and take photos of everything. The team’s website will also need constant updating. Then, at the end of the day, when you’re exhausted, sweaty, sun burnt, sore and have a headache, you must sit and write a press release (and cross your fingers that the internet in the media center works). If you’re lucky, the hotel is 30 minutes or less away from the track, but as most race tracks are in the middle of nowhere, don’t be shocked if you’re looking at a 45-minute drive back to the hotel. Continue reading

Fired Up Friday July 19

19 Jul
Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Greetings from Canada, where I thought it was too hot to run outside, so I opted for the hotel fitness room, only to discover it wasn’t air conditioned. Nor did it have an elliptical, to which my knee looked at me and winced “do I really have to run on the treadmill?” Yes.

I should spend lots of time in that crappy little fitness room on account of all the Tim Hortons (best donuts ever!) I will be consuming this weekend, but the question remains if I will actually be at the hotel between the hours of 6AM and 9PM anyway. Probably doesn’t matter in the long run, as I will be logging plenty of miles walking around this race track; down the hill, over the bridge, down the hill, across the paddock, back across, up the hill, across the bridge, up the hill.

No wait, the REAL question remains: is it donut or doughnut?

Tomorrow is Saturday. Listen to The Saturdays to get amped about that.

San Francisco Treat Pt. 2

12 Nov

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts from Elite Cafe | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
Continuing onward after logging 13.1 miles, Al picked a great place for our post-race brunch: Elite Café. I had the Cajun Style Braised Beef Hash with Poached Eggs and even though the eggs were overcooked, the hash made up for it as did the cinnamon sugar donuts we ordered as our brunchatizer. I just made that up. Is that catchy? We had mini biscuits with strawberry butter too. Wait, are you lost? Did you miss Part 1?

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