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Fired Up Friday July 19

19 Jul
Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Greetings from Canada, where I thought it was too hot to run outside, so I opted for the hotel fitness room, only to discover it wasn’t air conditioned. Nor did it have an elliptical, to which my knee looked at me and winced “do I really have to run on the treadmill?” Yes.

I should spend lots of time in that crappy little fitness room on account of all the Tim Hortons (best donuts ever!) I will be consuming this weekend, but the question remains if I will actually be at the hotel between the hours of 6AM and 9PM anyway. Probably doesn’t matter in the long run, as I will be logging plenty of miles walking around this race track; down the hill, over the bridge, down the hill, across the paddock, back across, up the hill, across the bridge, up the hill.

No wait, the REAL question remains: is it donut or doughnut?

Tomorrow is Saturday. Listen to The Saturdays to get amped about that.

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