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Fired Up Friday Nov 22

22 Nov

I realize it’s been a LONG time without a Fired Up Friday. Sorry. I haven’t had much to be fired up about lately in the running, jumping, swimming, biking, swinging, spinning department. I’ll expand in a later post.. maybe.

But this is different my friends, because I am fired up, I am pumped, I am jacked. I am going home! And every achy mile I run and I hear this song come on, I’m reminded that next week I get to GO HOME to Wisconsin!

Fired Up Friday Sept 6

6 Sep
Swiped from Pinterest

Swiped from Pinterest

I have a new reason to love Fridays. The day sort of lost relevance to me when I started working from home and the fact that I have to work most weekends anyway. Friday began to blend in with every other day of the week (except rush hour started sooner). Continue reading

Fired Up Friday Aug 22

23 Aug
swiped from Tumblr

swiped from Tumblr

The dreaded return to the gym after vacation. It hurts. It hurts.

So I put Serena Ryder in my ear. Makes me move.

Fired Up Friday Aug 2

2 Aug
Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

This Fired Up Friday song is an ode to my muscles. Burn baby burn.

Fired Up Friday July 26

26 Jul
Found on Tumblr

Found on Tumblr

Have you ever tried a Barre class? Holy crap can a small, simple movement make your muscles burn! I guess it’s supposed to be basic ballet movements dumbed down, which would explain why ballerinas have such amazing bodies. That’s a lot of muscle tucked into a compact figure. You do lots of squats and leg lefts and twists, but your arms also get a good workout too, since they’re either moving or held out, away from your body. If you like Pilates, you’d like Barre. If you like the the part of group exercise classes where you have to get on all fours and do leg lifts and fire hydrants, then you’d like Barre. If you like the sensation of muscles you burning in agony and the pain of knowing you have to keep going for 30 more seconds, you’d like Barre.

And so continues my journey of finding exercise other than running.

Although… I’m crossing my fingers I’ll make it to six miles this weekend…even if I have to walk some of it.

Let’s stick with the UK girl band music shall we? This is an oldie, but a goodie, and made me dance when the iPod picked it at random this week. So how obvious should a girl be anyway?

Fired Up Friday July 19

19 Jul
Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Greetings from Canada, where I thought it was too hot to run outside, so I opted for the hotel fitness room, only to discover it wasn’t air conditioned. Nor did it have an elliptical, to which my knee looked at me and winced “do I really have to run on the treadmill?” Yes.

I should spend lots of time in that crappy little fitness room on account of all the Tim Hortons (best donuts ever!) I will be consuming this weekend, but the question remains if I will actually be at the hotel between the hours of 6AM and 9PM anyway. Probably doesn’t matter in the long run, as I will be logging plenty of miles walking around this race track; down the hill, over the bridge, down the hill, across the paddock, back across, up the hill, across the bridge, up the hill.

No wait, the REAL question remains: is it donut or doughnut?

Tomorrow is Saturday. Listen to The Saturdays to get amped about that.

Fired Up Friday July 12

12 Jul
Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

What’s my excuse? Tendinitis. Ran a total of 0 miles this week. So it looks like the Madison Mini Marathon on August 17 isn’t going to happen. Unless I’m like that kid in Rookie of The Year, and when this tendon heals, I’ll have super strength and speed! I guess it’s probably a good thing to take a break from running for a bit, especially in the Atlanta heat. Right now I’ve got eliptical, rollerblading, stationary bike and upper body strength training to keep me busy. I also have both my arms, both my legs, good doctors and mediocre insurance, so I’ll try not to whine too much about my bum knee too much.

This song has been stuck in my head. So I shall put it on my iPod. Although until recently I thought the chorus was “Good girls die young, bad girls do it well.” It is in fact “Live fast, die young. Bad girls do it well.” I myself, am a good girl, which would explain why I’m slow and old?

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