Fired Up Friday Sept 6

6 Sep
Swiped from Pinterest

Swiped from Pinterest

I have a new reason to love Fridays. The day sort of lost relevance to me when I started working from home and the fact that I have to work most weekends anyway. Friday began to blend in with every other day of the week (except rush hour started sooner).

But now I have a reason to rejoice for Friday: it offers a triple threat of classes at my favorite gym in Atlanta, CRE8FIT.

First there’s CrossCore180, which is like TRX bands, except there’s a pulley at the top. It is my favorite strength training workout. After CrossCore I do Kettleball Cardio, which is lots of lunging and squatting, pressing and swinging with Kettleballs (no, not bells, these more resemeble gym balls from elementary school with handles on top and weighted of course). Finally the morning ends with Balance & Strength which combines any number of torture entertaining devices like a Bosu, resistance bands, medicine balls, Spri Step etc. (a Spri step is similar to a Bosu, but is more like a pyramid with a flat top).

That sounds like insanity, but the classes are only 45 minutes each with a break in between. I love that together they work all my muscle groups and give me strength, cardio and core training all in one morning. I highly suggest you try and find a gym near you with CrossCore 180 classes and if you live in Atlanta you need to check out the ones at CRE8FIT.

A triple threat day of training sounds like a lovely warmup for a run on Saturday, when this song will likely be blaring through my ear buds…

2 Responses to “Fired Up Friday Sept 6”

  1. JSizzle September 9, 2013 at 3:58 pm #

    will you be my workout buddy!?!!??

    • Red September 11, 2013 at 5:08 pm #

      Duh. Might have trouble keeping up with you though!

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