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Tuesdaygram Oct 30

29 Oct

Working for a race team is one of the most rewarding, stressful, satisfying, gut-wrenching, thrilling, exhausting, beautiful jobs I’ve ever had.

I’ve worked in racing for eight years now, 11 if you count internships, but this year was very different. I started the year scared shitless. I’m not entirely sure why. I knew what I needed to do and how to do it, I had the tools to do it, I knew the right people to help. The scary part was probably being my own boss and the fear of screwing up really big and it being all my fault and getting yelled at.

I screwed up a couple of times. I wonder if anyone noticed. I noticed. I beat myself up. But also, along the way, I discovered I’m pretty damn good at things I’ve never done before. It’s a proud moment to find hidden talents and know that when dropped into the deep end you can swim… and climb out and do a triple lindy back into the deep end if needed. Continue reading

Taste of Atlanta 2013

28 Oct

I think most blogs have some sort of celebration for their one-year “blogiversary.” I, however, totally missed the milestone. It only occurred to me because of two things: Petit Le Mans came and went (more on that in tomorrow’s Tuesdaygram) and I attended Taste of Atlanta last weekend, which I recall blogging about last year.

I made my third trip to the annual food festival with my trusty Taste of Atlanta partner in crime Leiza and brought rookie Melissa along for the ride.

Leiza and I are now pros at Taste of Atlanta. Here are the rules we’ve established to a successful Taste of Atlanta experience: get there early when parking is plentiful and supplies are high, bring your own bottle of water, make a recon lap to find your favorites and any freebies, don’t bother with chain restaurants, always take portion size in to consideration when making your picks, don’t buy more tickets (you’re full, you just don’t know it yet). Continue reading

Fired Up Friday Jan 18

18 Jan
Image from Fitspro

Image from Tumblr

That little Fired Up quotable up there is for my friend Lauren who did her first 15K last weekend; had never run that distance before, was contemplating changing to the 5K and damned if that girl didn’t stick to her guns and finish the 15K in well under two hours. I think she might be considering a half marathon soon… It’s amazing what our bodies can do if we tell ourselves we can do it and push.

The Hot Chocolate 15K was pretty fun. Atlanta has some fierce elevation changes, so the course was tough. I finished in 1:25.03, which is under 1:30 like I wanted and put me 104 out of 743 in my age group. Not too shabby.

This song makes me sing. Not sing really, but it makes me whoop. I love that dirty bass -whoop! whoop!- Do you have songs that make you do that while you’re running and working out? I’m not going to lie, some songs make me break into a dance-run. I’m lucky I haven’t broken a leg yet on that one.

Side note: I find these dudes creepier than LMFAO. Just sayin.

Fired Up Friday Jan 11

11 Jan
Image from Tmblr

Image from Tmblr

Holy cow, did you see it’s going to be in the 70’s in Atlanta this weekend? That’s a good thing, because this weekend I am running. Shocker, I know, but I mean I’m running in an actual race this time: the Hot Chocolate 15K. It’s a traveling race that raises money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. I signed up for it because it ends with food of course. A big bowl of hot chocolate and chocolate fondue! I might not even need it if it’s going to be that warm. So what will music will be powering me up the hills of downtown ATL? Definitely the new Ke$ha album. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that so far my favorite song is “Gold Trans Am”…

Taste of Atlanta

8 Oct

Crowd at Taste of Atlanta 2012
You know what’s nice about living in the ninth largest city in the U.S.? They have FOOD FESTIVALS!! I went to Taste of Atlanta last year and was in foodie heaven. The 2012 installment has been on my calendar since the date was announced. For $25 you get 10 coupons with which you can purchase tastes of food items from nearly 80 restaurants in Atlanta. Each food stand has one to three items ranging in cost from one coupon to three coupons. While you can buy more food tickets, it’s still important to make your choices wisely; don’t just get drawn in by the name, the smell or the glob of BBQ sauce on that dude’s beard, make sure you weigh whether the portion size is worth the coupon count as well. Continue reading

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