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Banana Cream Cheese Bundt Cake

23 May

Adventures of a Hungry Redhead | Banana Cream Cheese Bundt Cake
What do you mean Nashville is over? Season finale? Excuse me, what? Nashville is the banana of TV land – it has no season. It needs to be consumed year-round… sometimes with cream cheese in the middle.

I think the reason bananas are not assigned a season is because they take so long to go bad. I guess that might depend on what level of ripeness you like your bananas at, but I’ve gotta be honest, when I buy bananas it’s with the full intention of letting them go brown and baking with them. If a couple get eaten before that, it’s a happy accident. You will always find heavily speckled bananas in my kitchen. Continue reading

Fired Up Friday May 3

3 May

Country Music Half Marathon
I finished the Country Music Half Marathon in under two hours! Official time was 1:55.55. In the rain at that! It was a steady rain from Friday night all the way through Sunday. I wore a trash bag until about mile 8. Thankfully the temperatures were decent—60s—and it wasn’t very windy, but I was damn cold walking through the finish line festival.

I’ve been taking it easy this week, but can’t slack for too long; next half marathon is in little over a month, the Allstate 13.1 Chicago on June 8.

My playlist for the Country Music Half Marathon included very little country music, but it did include B.o.B.’s “Still in this Bitch.” I found it particularly appropriate for the middle of a half marathon in the rain. Sometimes you just have to keep your head down and knock it out.

Fired Up Friday April 26

26 Apr

Nashville Half
It’s here. The start of my race season. Tomorrow is my first half marathon of 2013: The Country Music Half Marathon, a.k.a. Rock n Roll Nashville. On the one hand I’m excited because I know I trained well, this is one of the largest half marathons in the U.S., and I might be a tad obsessed with Nashville lately thanks to the TV show on ABC. On the other hand, this is not going to be pretty; I’m just getting over a cold and can barely breathe through my nose let alone move 10 paces without blowing my nose, and, oh yeah, it’s going to be raining the whole time. Argh! I guess half marathon number five, it was bound to rain on me sooner or later. Any tips for wet weather running?

So that makes this Fired Up Friday extra important because I will need extra motivational music to get me through. Thankfully, I have the new Fall Out Boy album locked and loaded on my iPod. I was knew as soon as I hear it that “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” would be my theme song for this first half marathon of 2013. Even when I’m not running and I hear this song, I can feel my feet pounding on the pavement. It lets me block out everything around me. Let’s hope that includes rain and mucus on Saturday.

Goal time : anything < 2 hours

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