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8 Oct

Racing is so glamorous isn’t it? The sounds of Porsches, Ferraris and Corvettes mixing with the sights of short skirts, chrome and Patrick Dempsey’s hair. The smell of exhaust, sweat and champagne waft past as your feet pound the pavement and the sun pounds your skin. Yes, all this could have been yours this weekend… in Alton, Virginia.

What? You don’t know where Alton, Virginia is? It’s right next to Milton, North Carolina. Milton? That’s down the road from Danville, Virginia. C’mon, you’ve never been to Danville? Dude, there’s an Outback Steakhouse there! Continue reading

Fired Up Friday Aug 22

23 Aug
swiped from Tumblr

swiped from Tumblr

The dreaded return to the gym after vacation. It hurts. It hurts.

So I put Serena Ryder in my ear. Makes me move.


20 Aug

Surely by now, you are used to me abandoning you and like any good absentee parent, I return with excuses and apologies. I’m sorry, here’s where I was.

I was at the race track again.
IMG_1927 Continue reading

Fired Up Friday May 3

3 May

Country Music Half Marathon
I finished the Country Music Half Marathon in under two hours! Official time was 1:55.55. In the rain at that! It was a steady rain from Friday night all the way through Sunday. I wore a trash bag until about mile 8. Thankfully the temperatures were decent—60s—and it wasn’t very windy, but I was damn cold walking through the finish line festival.

I’ve been taking it easy this week, but can’t slack for too long; next half marathon is in little over a month, the Allstate 13.1 Chicago on June 8.

My playlist for the Country Music Half Marathon included very little country music, but it did include B.o.B.’s “Still in this Bitch.” I found it particularly appropriate for the middle of a half marathon in the rain. Sometimes you just have to keep your head down and knock it out.

It’s an Election Year…

9 Oct

In the spirit of the election season and to raise my approval rating, I would like to poll the audience on what recipe I should post next.
And PUMPKIN is the winner! Recipe coming soon…

This is my first ever post. Like ever.

30 Sep

Well hello there. Somehow you have stumbled upon the very new, very fancy, very tasty blog that is Adventures of a Hungry Redhead. After months of trying to determine the perfect name for my food blog, some of my friends and family might be disappointed with the name, after all, Gateaux Rouge, Locks of Yummies, Ginger Bites, Ate O’Clock etc. are all very clever. But in the end,  I went with something more straightforward. You won’t be disappointed for long, because you want samples. (Seriously, keep checking back because I’m going to be sending special deliveries in the near future.)

To kick things off, I just want to acknowledge all the incredible people in my life that kept pushing me toward this. We don’t know where this is going to go, but a deep, heartfelt thank you to those who provided words of encouragement (and ass kicking). You know who you are.


Years from now, no one will understand the Taylor Swift reference in the title. They’ll just think I’m a valley girl. Wait, nobody even remembers what a valley girl is now. Ooof – getting old is tough.

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