This is my first ever post. Like ever.

30 Sep

Well hello there. Somehow you have stumbled upon the very new, very fancy, very tasty blog that is Adventures of a Hungry Redhead. After months of trying to determine the perfect name for my food blog, some of my friends and family might be disappointed with the name, after all, Gateaux Rouge, Locks of Yummies, Ginger Bites, Ate O’Clock etc. are all very clever. But in the end,  I went with something more straightforward. You won’t be disappointed for long, because you want samples. (Seriously, keep checking back because I’m going to be sending special deliveries in the near future.)

To kick things off, I just want to acknowledge all the incredible people in my life that kept pushing me toward this. We don’t know where this is going to go, but a deep, heartfelt thank you to those who provided words of encouragement (and ass kicking). You know who you are.


Years from now, no one will understand the Taylor Swift reference in the title. They’ll just think I’m a valley girl. Wait, nobody even remembers what a valley girl is now. Ooof – getting old is tough.

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