Fired Up Friday May 3

3 May

Country Music Half Marathon
I finished the Country Music Half Marathon in under two hours! Official time was 1:55.55. In the rain at that! It was a steady rain from Friday night all the way through Sunday. I wore a trash bag until about mile 8. Thankfully the temperatures were decent—60s—and it wasn’t very windy, but I was damn cold walking through the finish line festival.

I’ve been taking it easy this week, but can’t slack for too long; next half marathon is in little over a month, the Allstate 13.1 Chicago on June 8.

My playlist for the Country Music Half Marathon included very little country music, but it did include B.o.B.’s “Still in this Bitch.” I found it particularly appropriate for the middle of a half marathon in the rain. Sometimes you just have to keep your head down and knock it out.

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