Fired Up Friday July 26

26 Jul
Found on Tumblr

Found on Tumblr

Have you ever tried a Barre class? Holy crap can a small, simple movement make your muscles burn! I guess it’s supposed to be basic ballet movements dumbed down, which would explain why ballerinas have such amazing bodies. That’s a lot of muscle tucked into a compact figure. You do lots of squats and leg lefts and twists, but your arms also get a good workout too, since they’re either moving or held out, away from your body. If you like Pilates, you’d like Barre. If you like the the part of group exercise classes where you have to get on all fours and do leg lifts and fire hydrants, then you’d like Barre. If you like the sensation of muscles you burning in agony and the pain of knowing you have to keep going for 30 more seconds, you’d like Barre.

And so continues my journey of finding exercise other than running.

Although… I’m crossing my fingers I’ll make it to six miles this weekend…even if I have to walk some of it.

Let’s stick with the UK girl band music shall we? This is an oldie, but a goodie, and made me dance when the iPod picked it at random this week. So how obvious should a girl be anyway?

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