Chocolate Bread Pudding

6 Dec

Chocolate Bread Pudding | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
Remember when I said that I could make chocolate bread pudding that would make any man want to marry me? At this point, that is just a theory, as I’ve only served it to a)women and b)married men. I mean, bread pudding isn’t really something you can bust out on a date.

Waitress:  And would either of you care to see the dessert menu?
Date: I don’t know, what do you think — Erin? Hey! Where are you going?
Erin: Hold on, I brought dessert! I just need to grab my bread pudding out of the car. Can you run back to the kitchen and find an open oven?  Set it to 350 please. Thanks! And make sure they have vanilla ice cream!

Not awkward at all. Second date would be booked by the third bite (his third, not mine, I’d be on my second bowl by then… amateur).

Chocolate Bread Pudding | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
This is a Nigella Lawson recipe, which could explain why it’s so damn sexy, and just because she created the recipe doesn’t mean I can’t keep the (theoretical) man rewards. I do all the work. I buy good bread. I buy quality chocolate. I melt the chocolate slowly. I watch it and stir it and taste it as I go. I lick the bowl clean after I pour the chocolate custard over the bread and I wait patiently for 24 hours before putting it in the oven. I earned a reward.

I guess if I can’t find the right opportunity, or gentleman caller, to bake this for, that reward  is simply this decadent chocolate bread pudding.  Let’s be honest ladies: sometimes chocolate is an acceptable substitute for men anyway. Especially when it’s served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (the bread pudding not the man, or… let me think on that).

Chocolate Bread Pudding | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
I wish I was a better photographer and used something fancier than an iPhone or Cannon point and shoot, because these pictures really don’t do this bread pudding justice.  Nor does artificial lighting.

There’s nothing tricky about this recipe. It’s easier than trying to determine how long you should wait to call, because you want to play it cool, but you really want to talk to him again, but you don’t want to be clingy, you want to be mysterious. My advice is to be patient; let the chocolate melt slowly, let the bread pudding sit at least 24 hours in the fridge and let it cool for 20 – 30 min after you remove it from the oven. I have no advice on calling the dude. Patience might work for that too, but you’ve already waited so long for the damn bread pudding, who has any patience left?

Chocolate Bread Pudding | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
This smells incredible while it’s baking and I swear the hardest part is waiting for it to cool before you dig in. Trust me, you do NOT want to dig in too soon. Nobody is going to be making out later with second degree burns to the mouth. Of course, a big scoop of vanilla ice cream is the perfect way to cool it down a bit (the bread pudding, not your date, who wants to cool that down?)

Chocolate Bread Pudding | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
Maybe the next time I bake this, the sheer smell will attract men to my door. I’ll make sure to have something other than yoga pants on.

Chocolate Bread Pudding
By Nigella Lawson

9 slices white bread
5 oz dark chocolate (75% cocoa or greater)
15 fl oz whipping cream
4 tbls rum
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup butter
Pinch of cinnamon
3 large eggs

Grease an 8 x 8 pan and set aside.

Remove crusts from bread and cut each slice into triangles.

Place chocolate, whipping cream, rum, sugar, butter and cinnamon in a bowl and set over saucepan of barely simmering water.  Melt together slowly. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly.

In a separate bowl, whisk the egg. Pour a small amount of the chocolate mixture (about 1/2 cup) into the eggs and whisk. Do this one more time before adding the remainder of the chocolate mixture to the eggs (you’re bringing the temperature of the eggs up slowly so the hot chocolate doesn’t cook them).  Mix until combined.

Pour about 1/2 inch layer of the chocolate mixture into the bottom of the pan and arrange half of the bread triangles on top. Pour half of the remaining chocolate mixture over the bread slices, then top with second half of the bread slices. Pour the rest of the chocolate mixture over the top. Press bread gently down into the chocolate. Cover the dish with cling film and refrigerate for 24 – 48 hours.

Preheat oven to 350. Remove cling film and bake for 30 minutes, or until pieces on top appear crispy, edges are bubbling and middle appears set.

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