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Baked Brie

27 Dec

Baked Brie | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
I must have been bad. I woke up to some coal in my stocking. Or rather, a COLD in my stocking. Cruel joke Father Christmas. I can’t taste jack. This hasn’t stopped me from eating, but other than salty and sweet, I’m really not sure what’s going on. I think the realization that I couldn’t taste anything was where I caved and took some cold medicine. I generally abhor medicine; I rarely get sick and when I do, some OJ, vegetables, sleep and my vitamins are all my immune systems needs to get me through! Seeing as how it’s the holidays and I’ve been getting pretty much none of those things — fine Tylenol, you win.

Spending the holidays in zero degree temperatures in Wisconsin probably does not help my cause. But it does help my cheese intake. Oh yes, the rumors you’ve heard are true. This is the land of cheese. Thinking back on the meals I’ve eaten since I arrived, I can’t recall one that didn’t involve cheese.

Baked Brie | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
Hence my love for baked brie. Yes, I know brie is French, but it’s still cheese, cheese wrapped in puff pastry with jam. That pretty much ticks my boxes for a perfect party appetizer: salty, sweet, puff pastry, cheese. It looks so fancy, but it’s so easy to make — just don’t forget to thaw the puff pastry. Continue reading

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