Fired Up Friday Feb 1

1 Feb
from Tumblr

from Tumblr

I may have done a silly thing. After slacking on CrossFit for three weeks, I went back and have gone every single day this week. I sort of can’t move. Have you ever tried something on that was too small in dressing room and then panic because you can’t get it back over your head? That’s been my dilemma all week when it comes time to change clothes. I may need to invest in more button downs and zip ups.  My current state of muscle paralysis should make running a 10K tomorrow interesting.

Though my weights are embarrassingly puny compared to my fellow CrossFitters, I’m still pretty proud that I’ve been able to lift it, push it, press it, swing it and snatch it this week. All that soreness means muscle is building and when muscle is building my metabolism is shredding up the beer, peanut butter, chocolate and donuts. Wow. Note to self: a peanut butter donut with chocolate glaze and a beer sounds like a pretty breakfast.

In honor of a week’s worth of CrossFit, today’s Fired Up Friday is T.I.’s “Ball,” because obviously you’re a baller if you can’t lift your arms above your chest.

CrossFit remix: This box so packed, these quads so drunk, this WOD so stacked, these delts so junk 😉

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