Fired Up Friday Feb 22

22 Feb
Found on Tumblr.

Found on Tumblr.

Sometimes I can’t tell if working out is an escape from the responsibilities of the real world, or a responsibility that weighs just as heavy. I’ve been looking for a new apartment for the last two weeks, on the opposite side of town, so every time I went to look at a place (and I looked at more than a dozen) it took at least 40 minutes to get there and 40 minutes to get back. This combined with work, taxes, various appointments, preparations for moving, etc., have made the last two weeks a bit of a whirlwind.

Trying to fit in time to workout has felt like a chore in and of itself. Each time my alarm went off this week, I would immediately start telling myself that I had too much to do today and should skip the gym and just pop open my laptop instead. Most of the time spent at the gym was not relaxing, but frantic, like I had to get this over and done with so I could shower, answer emails and then go look at that next condo.

However, if I feel guilty being at the gym instead of at my computer, then I guess that really does make spin class, the pool, the ellipitical, an escape from the “real” world… even if my legs are REALLY sore the next day.

Whilst on the elliptical this week, I had this gem roll through my shuffle mode and I damn near pulled the handles off he machine I got so into it. It’s not new by any means, but it may be new to you. Beyonce is the shit. Beyonce remixed is cray. Download the Christian Davies remix of Countdown and go HAM on that elliptical.

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