Fired Up Friday April 5

5 Apr
Don't Think

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Tomorrow is T-Minus three weeks to my first half marathon of 2013: the Country Music Half Marathon a.k.a. Rock n’ Roll Nashville. It’s the day after my birthday. Felt like a good way to celebrate. Plus, it means I can eat an entire Publix cake if I want to. That’s redhead math for you: one half marathon = one marble Publix cake.

I’ve been running double digits the last two weekends and this Sunday is scheduled to be 11.5, so you better believe I’ve been loading up my iPod with new music. No, not country music, which I generally don’t like, but I am addicted to Nashville on ABC and own the soundtrack. It would rock my world if the cast of Nashville was at the marathon. They should be handing out the medals. I’d want a sweaty, exhausted, no makeup picture with Gunnar and Scarlett, and Rayna and her girls. But not Teddy Conrad or Peggy Kenter. Boooo!

But anyway, speaking of jilted lovers, right now this song gets me jacked!

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