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Dirty Slutty Brownies

10 Dec

Dirty Slutty Brownies | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
Remember that slutty brownie recipe? Remember how I said the variations were endless on how to pair the cookie dough, cookie and brownies flavors? Well… I went there. I went to a dark and dirty place and I took that innocent maiden Little Debbie with me (although maybe she’s gone all Lindsay Lohan now that Hostess caved). If you are a chocolate fiend, if the words “too rich” are not part of your vocabulary, if you take your brownies darker than your coffee, then these are for you. I dub them: Dirty Slutty Brownies.

Warning: these are probably illegal in 20 states. And if not, they are most definitely the scourge of the American Diabetes Association, Weight Watchers, the National Dental Association and your ass. Continue reading

Layered Pumpkin Squares

21 Nov

Layered Pumpkin Squares | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
Ok people, we’re in the homestretch of pumpkin week, so let’s go out with a bang. Here’s the scenario: you love pumpkin pie, but a pie isn’t enough to feed your crowd and pie crust is too obnoxious to fathom making more than one pie. The solution: layered pumpkin squares.  What do I mean by layered? I’m not talking layered like a green Pixar ogre, I’m talking graham cracker crust, cheesecake, pumpkin mousse, whipped cream. Layers of love my friends, layers of love.

Redhead math fact: anything made in a 9×13 pan is infinitely easier than a pie crust. I standby that statement even though this recipe has four layers and requires the use of gelatin. Guess what? I’d never used gelatin before I made this – nailed it. Don’t be intimidated by the mousse layer. Mousse is your friend. Egg whites and gelatin make mousse happy. C’mon, make the mousse happy. And the whole double boiler trick – don’t be afraid, just don’t let the top bowl with the ingredients actually touch the boiling water below. Remember, we did this with the white chocolate brownies and those turned out delicious didn’t they?

I made these bars for an office function and it was the first time I happily took the leftovers home because I wanted them to be MINE ALL MINE! Plus, I was in between my first and second half marathons at the time, so what harm could there be in eating them straight from the pan? How could I not – these bars are like pumpkin silk pie, like a pumpkin ice cream cake, like pumpkin pie parfait. Continue reading

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars

19 Nov

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
You know how Discovery Channel has Shark Week? Well get ready, the Hungry Redhead proclaims this to be: Pumpkin Week. Ahhh! Get the kids out of the kitchen! Toss me the oven mits! The oven mits! We’re about to step into a giant cage and be lowered into the depths of spicy, squashy baked goods.  And when I say it’s “Pumpkin Week,” I mean there will be pumpkin recipes today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Thursday is a holiday and Friday will be another fresh Fired Up Friday pick. So it’s a pumpkin trilogy then. I hear the kids like trilogies.

Up first is Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars. I get lots of requests for this recipe and it pains me to admit that it’s a Martha Stewart recipe. Well, it used to pain me to admit that when I thought Martha Stewart was a pompous wasp of a woman and it was an act of desperation to use her recipes. As it turns out, the former felon knows what she’s doing (or her editors do anyway) and I’ve learned that if you need a solid recipe – Martha is the place to start.

Continue reading

S’more Cookie Bars

3 Oct

Good things about s’mores: graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow, gooey
Bad things about s’mores: need flame, need to consume immediately, messy

It’s a crisis we all face daily: you want a s’more, but it’s just not convenient. Problem solved – S’more Cookie Bars. The added bonus of the S’more Cookie Bar is you’re essentially taking a chocolate chip cookie and turning it into a s’more. So, according to redhead math adding sexy chocolate chip cookies to sinful s’mores makes them seven times better than a regular campfire s’more. Continue reading

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