Fired Up Friday Nov 30

30 Nov

Guess what? It’s my TWO month blogiversary. How’s that for fired up? I’m surprised I haven’t included a Kyle Minogue song yet for Fired Up Friday since I’m pretty much obsessed with her music. So let’s go with the latest single, Timebomb, which until today I didn’t realize has an awesome video. Probably because MTV doesn’t play videos anymore or MTV2 for that matter. Although, they do play Saved by the Bell reruns now. I’m so excited! Right Jessie? You have no idea what I’m talking about, so quick explanation…

Most gripping and emotional episode of Saved by the Bell ever, with an Emmy-worthy performance from Elizabeth Berkley.

But back to Kylie, who is going to motivate you to drop it like its hot this weekend since a) she’s hot, b) she’s a breast cancer survivor and c) she’s 44 people! I’m not a big fan of the leather jacket with a giant heart, but damn, I’d be lucky if I looked that good at 44.

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