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Cake Mix Cookies

24 Dec

Cake Mix Cookies | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
In the words of my favorite caffeine pill addicted Saved by The Bell character, Jessie Spano: “NO TIME! NO TIME! There’s never any time!” Well Jessie, we may not be on the swim team, the cheerleading squad, student council, the yearbook committee, science club and in the school play while pulling down the highest grades at Bayside, but I think most of us can related to your caffeine crash rant this time of the year.

Not only is there no time (seriously, is the sun setting at 5PM?) but everything takes more time. The lines at Target are crazy right now, which is great when you decide to swing by after the gym to get some body wash and then as you’re standing in line you realize the sweat has made your mascara run (don’t judge, I go to the gym right after work) so it looks like you’ve been crying. Probably not so shocking to see someone crying at Target during the holidays I guess.

So here we are on Christmas Eve and you’ve run out of time and have no interest in battling the crowds at the grocery store for evaporated milk, caramels, peppermint extract, pecans or what have you, but you’re on the hook to bring cookies to family Christmas. This sounds like a job for cake mix; the secret weapon of a baker’s pantry. Continue reading

Fired Up Friday Nov 30

30 Nov

Guess what? It’s my TWO month blogiversary. How’s that for fired up? I’m surprised I haven’t included a Kyle Minogue song yet for Fired Up Friday since I’m pretty much obsessed with her music. So let’s go with the latest single, Timebomb, which until today I didn’t realize has an awesome video. Probably because MTV doesn’t play videos anymore or MTV2 for that matter. Although, they do play Saved by the Bell reruns now. I’m so excited! Right Jessie? You have no idea what I’m talking about, so quick explanation…

Most gripping and emotional episode of Saved by the Bell ever, with an Emmy-worthy performance from Elizabeth Berkley.

But back to Kylie, who is going to motivate you to drop it like its hot this weekend since a) she’s hot, b) she’s a breast cancer survivor and c) she’s 44 people! I’m not a big fan of the leather jacket with a giant heart, but damn, I’d be lucky if I looked that good at 44.

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