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Fired Up Friday Jan 25

25 Jan
I found it on Pinterest.

I found it on Pinterest.

Confession: I’ve been slacking. As previously noted, the last two weeks have been a bit hectic. There have been a lot of late nights, forcing me to skip evening workouts, but also causing me to lose sleep, sleep through my alarm and miss my morning classes. It’s a vicious cycle of hating myself. That and I stuck my finger in a blender which means kickboxing and weight training is extra painful. Yeah, I was making a smoothie and thought I could flick that errant wad of spinach into submission… I was wrong. Thankfully, I have a crap blender (hence the errant wads of spinach) and not a kickass VitaMix or Blendtec, otherwise I’m pretty sure I would have lost a finger instead of a nail.

To kick my own ass, on Saturday, no matter what the weather, I’m going to run eight miles.

And in honor of all the decisions that have been keeping me up at night (some are even about cake), today’s song is Decisions by Borgore. And I do want the whole cake.

Fired Up Friday Jan 18

18 Jan
Image from Fitspro

Image from Tumblr

That little Fired Up quotable up there is for my friend Lauren who did her first 15K last weekend; had never run that distance before, was contemplating changing to the 5K and damned if that girl didn’t stick to her guns and finish the 15K in well under two hours. I think she might be considering a half marathon soon… It’s amazing what our bodies can do if we tell ourselves we can do it and push.

The Hot Chocolate 15K was pretty fun. Atlanta has some fierce elevation changes, so the course was tough. I finished in 1:25.03, which is under 1:30 like I wanted and put me 104 out of 743 in my age group. Not too shabby.

This song makes me sing. Not sing really, but it makes me whoop. I love that dirty bass -whoop! whoop!- Do you have songs that make you do that while you’re running and working out? I’m not going to lie, some songs make me break into a dance-run. I’m lucky I haven’t broken a leg yet on that one.

Side note: I find these dudes creepier than LMFAO. Just sayin.

Fired Up Friday Jan 11

11 Jan
Image from Tmblr

Image from Tmblr

Holy cow, did you see it’s going to be in the 70’s in Atlanta this weekend? That’s a good thing, because this weekend I am running. Shocker, I know, but I mean I’m running in an actual race this time: the Hot Chocolate 15K. It’s a traveling race that raises money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. I signed up for it because it ends with food of course. A big bowl of hot chocolate and chocolate fondue! I might not even need it if it’s going to be that warm. So what will music will be powering me up the hills of downtown ATL? Definitely the new Ke$ha album. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that so far my favorite song is “Gold Trans Am”…

Fired Up Friday January 4

4 Jan

snow run
It’s hard to be fired up this Friday. Not because it’s cold, not because the holidays are over, not because I want to keep sleeping in and eating cookies. Nope. It’s hard to be fired up because this is the time of the year when there is a wave of hopeful people descending upon the gym taking up my parking spaces, my lockers, my elliptical, my weights and my space in the group fitness studio. Yes, I said ‘my.’ I am an only child. I assign possession to many things that technically don’t belong to me, but are in fact mine. Mine!

Some tips, if I may, for those with a fresh gym membership card:

  • Just say no to matching track suits and anything that says “PINK” on the butt.
  • Keep your phone in your locker unless it is how you listen to music.
  • If you can do 20 reps faster than you can do 20 jumping jacks, you need more weight.
  • You need to arrive BEFORE the group fitness class starts, not at the exact start time or five minutes after. When the equipment is gone and the place is packed, you’re SOL.
  • Please don’t sit or hang on a machine while you chit chat with your buddies for 30 minutes.
  • If you bought your shoes at Payless, they are not appropriate for running on the treadmill.

Yes, I’m a gym bitch. My final tip is to put some Cazzette – Beam Me Up on your playlist.

Fired Up Friday Dec 14

14 Dec

Workouts are like brushing teeth
So training was a little bit of everything this week. What am I training for? Christmas cookie season. If I’m not baking them, I’m eating them and exchanging them and going to holiday parties and washing them down with wine. Christmas cookie season needs to be earned though, so I ran six miles on Monday, CrossFit and pilates on Tuesday, spinning and kickboxing on Wednesday, boot camp (12 days of torture Christmas) on Thursday, going to hit the elliptical today for a “rest” day, then 10 miles on Saturday, three miles, strength training and yoga on Sunday (at least that’s the plan).

Thankfully my boy Deadmau5 has new music out to keep me on point. I love Deadmau5. I want to make Deadmau5 cookies. But you know what they say, if you give a mouse a cookie…

Fired Up Friday Nov 30

30 Nov

Guess what? It’s my TWO month blogiversary. How’s that for fired up? I’m surprised I haven’t included a Kyle Minogue song yet for Fired Up Friday since I’m pretty much obsessed with her music. So let’s go with the latest single, Timebomb, which until today I didn’t realize has an awesome video. Probably because MTV doesn’t play videos anymore or MTV2 for that matter. Although, they do play Saved by the Bell reruns now. I’m so excited! Right Jessie? You have no idea what I’m talking about, so quick explanation…

Most gripping and emotional episode of Saved by the Bell ever, with an Emmy-worthy performance from Elizabeth Berkley.

But back to Kylie, who is going to motivate you to drop it like its hot this weekend since a) she’s hot, b) she’s a breast cancer survivor and c) she’s 44 people! I’m not a big fan of the leather jacket with a giant heart, but damn, I’d be lucky if I looked that good at 44.

Fired Up Friday Nov 23

23 Nov

I’m all for speed and going fast — it’s my preferred modus operandi — but sometimes things pick up too much speed and you can’t keep up, or worse still, you can’t enjoy the moment. I’ve been feeling that way lately and even more so with the holidays. You want everything to be perfect and you get so caught up in the details, schedules and making everyone happy that when it’s all over, you feel kind of empty. Don’t do that. Slow down. It’s Thanksgiving after all, so just take a moment, breathe, and appreciate whatever moment you’re in: the run, the climb, the airport, the crazy family, the Black Friday shopping lines. No, scratch that last one. That’s just a waste of time.

Get some Tritonal – Still With Me fired up in your headphones and breathe in the moment.

Fired Up Friday Nov 16

16 Nov

I’ve been in Miami the past couple of days, a city I don’t particularly like. One of the things I don’t like about it is the traffic. I hate driving here. The roads are weird and don’t make sense to me, the highways all seem to be tollways (without cashiers) and I might have to give Florida the “worst drivers in the U.S.” award. It’s not rush hour, we’re on the freeway, speed limit is 65… why are we all driving 55? I’ve found music is the best way to combat Miami traffic, with Feed Me’s “One Click Headshot” being the best fit. Be thankful you’re not stuck in Miami traffic and go for a run, a hop, a skip or a jump.

You can also just blast this song in your car, bob your head and feel really cool.

A San Francisco Treat Pt. 1

11 Nov

Erin & Al at U.S. Half Marathon | Adventures of a Hungry Redhead
A week ago today I was running 13.1 miles along San Francisco Bay, over the Golden Gate Bridge and to Fisherman’s Wharf. I didn’t run as fast as I normally would, but the whole thing went by a lot faster than I remember other half marathons going because I had my friend Al at my side.

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Fired Up Friday Nov 9

9 Nov

I am not a fan of country music, but the new Taylor Swift album* is not country music.  And she named the damn album after me so I had to get it. This is my favorite song from the first “country” album I’ve ever purchased. If you pull up next to me in my car and I’m rocking out oblivious to the world, this is probably what’s playing. Thus, it makes for excellent running, jumping, kicking, catapulting music. Oh, I knew you were trouble when you walked into my ears Taylor Swift, you and your high school love songs.

*I initially typed “Taylor Swift CD” and then I laughed, because nobody uses CDs anymore.

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